Beach 2016

Beach 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easter 2011...April 24th

We spent Easter in Charlottesville with my dad and sisters! It was a special day for us this year since Easter fell on mom's birthday, April 24th!

The best of the family poses documenting the day!!

Emily LOVED finding the eggs and even more what was inside of the eggs!! The boys always have a great time in the egg hunt and are pretty good about slowing down long enough for me to take a few pictures!!!

Grandpa, Adam, Ryan, & Emily above...

All the grandchildren pose for a picture below...I don't think I got the best shot...but all are present and accounted for and sometimes that is all you can hope for:)!!

Because today is mom's birthday the girls and dad took some beautiful pink roses out for her tombstone. Emily was not interested in her nap one bit so at the last minute we brought her with us. It ended up being a sweet time to see her at the grave site. Not sure it would have been something I would have planned but after we were there it was a tender moment!

Big Announcement...March 2011

We have tried with each addition to our family to make it a special announcement! When we found out we were having Adam we gave a framed picture of the 1st ultra sound to our parents...when found out we were pregnant with Ryan we had Adam wear a Big Brother t-shirt...and so when we found out we were expecting again we had to get creative!

I had a bow made for Emily last year that said "little sister" so I had the great idea that I would go back and have another one made that said "big sister"! It was great way to share with friends and family! It was fun to see how many people didn't get it right away and how many did!

We are trilled to announce...we are having #4...due October 28th, 2011!

Saying Goodbye...Henry W. Lovelace, Jr.

My uncle Henry "Boy" Lovelace passed away in April of 2011. He was Adam's namesake and a very dear part of my mother's family. Uncle Boy as we knew him most of our lives was a wonderful man who served our country in WWII. He was one of the surviving soldiers that helped President George W. Bush dedicate the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.

He was loved by my mother & he adored her! He was the 4th child & had 4 sisters 3 older and 1 younger, which is how he got the name "Boy"! I probably didn't know his real name until I was in my twenty's!

It was a sad day because it brought up so many memories of mom! Everyone at the service commented on much they missed her still! I took some pictures of the grave site as well as of Granny's house, his mother, my great grandmother!

I pray that he is in heaven with Mom & Jesus rejoicing...

March 2011...Trip to D.C.

We traveled to D.C. to visit mommy's good friend Tonia from college! She has 2 boys and they are right about the same ages as Adam and Ryan. We had a fun filled weekend of D.C. sightseeing, shopping, & even a elaborately planned out mission for the boys to do. Emily tried to stay involved as much as she could! We could NOT have had a better time. It was amazing all the work Tonia put into us having a great time. This was a little bit extra special since we were kind of saying goodbye too! Tonia's family would be moving to Poland at the end of August. So we were so glad to have such quality time before they left!

To the left: Adam, Dewey, Ryan & Jonah posing for a quick picture!

Adam holding up the Washington Monument

Adam & Emily playing in the hands on part of the Air & Space Museum

Adam & Ryan pictured hanging out in a rock...
Emily was worn out with all the sightseeing...

The boys or should I say soldiers are about the head out on the mission at hand! They were dressed and had full gear to assist all branches of the military in a secret mission! They had a blast!! Even Emily wanted to get in on the action!

Adam & Ryan pictured with their special capsules that they were on a mission to protect! At the end of the mission however they were able to bust open the capsules and enjoy lots of goodies hidden on the inside.

After the mission was complete we headed to the base Bowling Alley for some pizza and fun! The boys had an awesome day and were ready to move in! However it was time for us to head home! We left shortly after this picture and even quicker they were asleep in the car!

Thanks to Jeff, Tonia, Dewey, & Jonah for an AWESOME weekend!

P.S. A special Thanks to Jeff for taking all the boys to one of the playgrounds on base to play mission impossible while Tonia, Emily and I went to IKEA to shop!!! What an awesome mission for the ladies!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

We arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge on February 28th...we only stayed for 1 night but that gave us 2 fun days at the water park as well as an on site arcade...our children were living the dream! We were met our good friends the Millers...or at least most of them. Haley and Jenna their 2 oldest girls came for the adventure while their 2 little girls stayed back in MD with their grandparents!

The dads in an air hockey challenge...I don't remember who won but it is all about having fun, right dads?

The Millers pose for a quick family picture!

Adam & Haley take a moment after cashing in some tickets for a picture...

The tickects are the best...Ryan made a "killing" on the water shooting game which he beat me almost everytime!

The boys had their own log cabin loft bed and video game was pretty awesome! However we did not realize until checkout that is a slight upcharge on the room.

We had a great time and the boys are ready for this to be an annual event! If we continue to homeschool we may be able to do it again next year! Thanks again to the Millers for the invite!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

February Fun 2011

Adam finished another year of Cub Scouts and we celebrated at the Blue & Gold Ceremony! They did a fun skit with the cool sunglasses and as you can see the rest of the kids wanted to share in the fun and pose!

A great day at Longwood Park...but where is Adam?

Emily took her first steps in February right after turning 1! She really enjoyed her walker and it was fun to watch as sometimes it would go faster than she wanted. We tried to do most of the early practicing in the basement with the thick carpet not the hardwood upstairs!

Ryan poses for a quick picture so Mommy can run downstairs and print it for pre-school! He was supposed to bring a picture of his pet to share with the class. The picture I printed was not the best since I was almost out of ink! But the important thing is that he had the picture right??

Updating blog...

It is late on October 13th and I am back at it again...trying to get caught up in chronological order...since any day another Warren will arrive! I hope to get the major events up so we can announce in a timely fashion the next baby! We are getting very excited and are greatly anticipating the next phase of our family. Thanks for hanging in while I try and keep a record of this family as it is changes everyday!