Beach 2016

Beach 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2011

February Fun 2011

Adam finished another year of Cub Scouts and we celebrated at the Blue & Gold Ceremony! They did a fun skit with the cool sunglasses and as you can see the rest of the kids wanted to share in the fun and pose!

A great day at Longwood Park...but where is Adam?

Emily took her first steps in February right after turning 1! She really enjoyed her walker and it was fun to watch as sometimes it would go faster than she wanted. We tried to do most of the early practicing in the basement with the thick carpet not the hardwood upstairs!

Ryan poses for a quick picture so Mommy can run downstairs and print it for pre-school! He was supposed to bring a picture of his pet to share with the class. The picture I printed was not the best since I was almost out of ink! But the important thing is that he had the picture right??

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