Beach 2016

Beach 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easter 2011...April 24th

We spent Easter in Charlottesville with my dad and sisters! It was a special day for us this year since Easter fell on mom's birthday, April 24th!

The best of the family poses documenting the day!!

Emily LOVED finding the eggs and even more what was inside of the eggs!! The boys always have a great time in the egg hunt and are pretty good about slowing down long enough for me to take a few pictures!!!

Grandpa, Adam, Ryan, & Emily above...

All the grandchildren pose for a picture below...I don't think I got the best shot...but all are present and accounted for and sometimes that is all you can hope for:)!!

Because today is mom's birthday the girls and dad took some beautiful pink roses out for her tombstone. Emily was not interested in her nap one bit so at the last minute we brought her with us. It ended up being a sweet time to see her at the grave site. Not sure it would have been something I would have planned but after we were there it was a tender moment!

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