Beach 2016

Beach 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Announcement...March 2011

We have tried with each addition to our family to make it a special announcement! When we found out we were having Adam we gave a framed picture of the 1st ultra sound to our parents...when found out we were pregnant with Ryan we had Adam wear a Big Brother t-shirt...and so when we found out we were expecting again we had to get creative!

I had a bow made for Emily last year that said "little sister" so I had the great idea that I would go back and have another one made that said "big sister"! It was great way to share with friends and family! It was fun to see how many people didn't get it right away and how many did!

We are trilled to announce...we are having #4...due October 28th, 2011!

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